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  • »It is needless to mention the importance of knowing a language that is globally recognized. Thus we see many people today striving to polish their English speaking skills. 'Intermediate English Grammar with Answers' is one such book that will not only help you enhance your language skills but also boost your confidence which will allow you to be fluent quicker. The easy guide to a Global language Intermediate English Grammar with Answers is a well-organized compilation of everything that is required to help you learn the language. The book is designed to house all the precise presentation of the language on the left hand side pages and varied relative practice exercises on the right hand side pages. The pattern is kept uniform throughout the book which adds up to lesser confusion and quicker learning. The book, Intermediate English Grammar with Answers is highly recommended for students not only at the intermediate level of learning but also on the advanced level. The book covers and raises the level of teaching progressively as you reach the end. About the book type: The book consists of only 350 pages in all. The book comes in a paperback type and is neither too heavy nor huge to carry around, the book can be your new companion and a great teacher too.

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